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The mission of MM Consulting Firm is to effectively assist applicants and support them with their Education, Immigration, and Employment goals. We offer services to both American and Canadian residents and to international students wishing to study in the U.S. and Canada. Our team consists of experienced professionals also assists you with your U.S. immigration goals and employment dreams. We strive to conduct the evaluation process with integrity and in adherence to our mission to be one of the most service-oriented organizations in the world.


Fulfil Your Dream Education Goal

We assist students in selecting the best possible school in the US and Canada through timely and thorough evaluation of their background academic knowledge and professional experience as well as close collaboration with a variety of universities and institutions. We provide services on application procedures, documentation, resume and essay writing, requirements, deadlines, and many more areas that you may need in your journey.

Many of us at MM Consulting Firm were once international students ourselves, and we work in US universities admissions departments. The Founder and President of MMCF, Ms. Mehraein Mokhberi arrived in the United States as an international student from Iran. She is now a doctorate candidate of Educational Leadership at University of Southern California, a high ranking prestigious university in the US, while working in admissions. This gives her a personal understanding and experience of the needs and challenges of students studying overseas.


Achieve Your Immigration Objectives

MMCF Immigration Consultants assist clients with document preparation and application services for various immigration purposes in USA including obtaining various visas, green card, citizenship, and other related immigration documentation. We help you get to the United States, maintain your visa, and change your visa status from a temporary visa to green card and citizenship in the most proficient way with minimal expense.


Find Your Dream Job

You receive a personalized career path strategy, professional resume writing, cover letter creation, and career coaching services. We carefully access your case to determine exactly what your best options are to achieve your employment objectives. We will assist you with determining your employment goals, searching job market, and identifying right opportunities. Our resume writing services assist you with creating a job-winning eye-catching resume and cover letter that will land you the job of your dream. You receive individualized support to be prepared for a successful job interview.

Dream Big, Pursue Your Dream, and Embrace Your Future.

Initial Consultation

Meet the criteria that universities require for your desired program.

University Selection

Guiding you to choose the right program and university.

Visa Process Assistance

Preparing and submitting your visa application.

Post-Arrival Assistance

Housing, Financial, Employment /Career Counseling, and more.

Join MMCF Community Now and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Our unique higher education admissions experience both on a personal and professional level while working in Admissions departments of top universities in the US has contributed to our success as a leader in assisting domestic and international students study abroad.

If you are determined to achieve your goals, you are in the right place. To fulfill your dreams, you need to have people who were on the same path besides you. We were on the same journey and fulfilled our dreams, so we can assist you to fulfill yours too.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears”


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