Immigration Services

If you are a US immigration aspirant, there are different categories under which you might be qualified to meet your US immigration goals. MM Consulting Firm can assist you with various US citizenship and immigration application services including various types of visa, Green Card, and Citizenship application.

MM Consulting Firm carefully evaluates your case to determine exactly what requirements and supporting documents you need to achieve your immigration objectives. We provide you with consultation, guidance, and application services


MMCF immigration Consultants cater to the specific immigration needs of various clients by having thorough understanding and experience with the procedures of completing immigration documents in the following areas:

  • Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card) Application
    • Family Based Green Card
    • Employment Based Green Card and Investment Based Green Card
    • Asylum Based Green Card or Refugee Based Green Card
    • Green Card Lottery
  • Non-immigrant Visas Application
  • Change of Status and Adjustment of Status Application
  • Business Immigration Application
  • Citizenship and Naturalization Application
  • Asylum Application
  • Employment Authorization Application
  • Travel document Application
  • Renew or Replace a Green Card Application
  • Extend/Change a Nonimmigrant Status Application
  • Adoption Based Application


Our immigration consultants can assist you through legal and documentation process of your application to permanent resident, asylum, citizenship… and many more in the following areas:

  • Providing assessments of clients’ chances of being approved for a visa.
  • Preparing and completing immigration forms.
  • Securing supporting documents which are necessary to complete the immigration forms.
  • Submitting completed forms on a person’s behalf to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services including preparing and checking all the legal documents ensuring that all the information is accurate.
  • Ensuring that the application and documents are received within the time limit set by the government.
  • Preparing clients for interviews.
  • Making referrals to legal representation in an immigration matter, if needed.
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