Employment Services

MM Consulting Firm offers consultancy and assistance to get the right job for you in the US. Our comprehensive employment services include assisting you with your profile analysis, job search, identifying the matching opportunities, crafting resumes and cover letters, and preparing you for the interviews. You can also have a personalized coach consultation or you can chat with a coach via our chat function.

Preliminary Comprehensive Review / Profile Analysis

Employment counselors at MMCF with strong knowledge and experience of recruitment in the US conduct a comprehensive review of your academic and professional background as well as your career aspirations in order to ensure that we accurately advise you on the best job and organization that matches your unique academic qualifications, work experience, interests, and career goals.

Career Coaching Service

A Career coach works one-on-one over the telephone with you. We provide you with a personal action plan on how to optimize your resume and cover letter, get your interviews, and land your ideal job.

Job Search & identifying opportunities

Your job search path will not be daunting as we are with you in every step. With our partnership with many recruitment organizations, the job search process will be much faster and the best matching opportunities will be identified in the quickest and most efficient way.

Resume & Cover Letter Support

Regardless of your work experience and writing experience, writing an efficient resume can be difficult. Our professional resume writers assist you with writing or customizing your resume and cover letter reflecting your knowledge, skills, and experience so that your talent stand out from the crowd.  Your resume and cover letter will be customized to the job market requirements. Job requirements vary from organization to organization. Each position description contains some important keywords that can be focused in resumes so that they pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and search engines.

A compelling cover letter will sell you as the perfect candidate and impress hiring managers and get your dream job interviews. Hiring committee and recruiters will judge and screen candidates based on how cover letters, paired with resumes, can effectively make their case for the role. We assist you with writing a strong cover letter that showcases your relevant work history with evidence of your professional and academic achievements as well as emphasizing on your relevant skills.

Thank You Letter Support

We assist you with writing “thank you” letters after your first interview that will maximize your chances for a second interview and being hired for the job.

Application Support

MMCF experts assist you with the entire process of filling out and submitting your applications.

Interview Preparation Support

There are several steps that you should take to be prepared for a successful interview. We will coach you to be prepared for your interview by taking time to do search on the company and its goals, the job description, discovering the reasons why you would be a good fit to the position, preparing you with thoughtful responses to interview questions, etc.

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