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Studying abroad and being an international student takes a lot of work. To help you in this journey of your life, we provide you with the following helpful resources and services in this process.


Pre- Departure Assistance

Preliminary Comprehensive Review /Student Profile Analysis

Our experienced valuable admissions counselors with in-depth knowledge and experience of working at top universities in the US conduct a comprehensive review of your case in order to ensure that we accurately advise you on the best program, university, and country that matches your unique academic qualifications, test scores, interests, career goals, work experience, and financial status.

Counseling on Requirements

Our expert counselors guide students on the requirements so that they meet the criteria that universities require for their desired program. They review students standardized test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT) that universities will require. They guide students on the scores that universities will be looking for and the score the students should be aiming for based on their desired program and university. We can also assist you with booking any standardized tests you may need.

Program and University Selection (Along with your country of choice)

Our Education Services are designed to ensure that students are matched with the right program and university according to their aspirations, finances and needs. We cover programs from College- certificate, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, Post-Graduate Certificate, and Transfer programs. Selecting the right program and university can be daunting and confusing. After reviewing and analyzing your profile, our experienced counselors with their valuable student counseling knowledge provide you with a list of universities that are the best match with your specific case based on your major, academic qualifications, GPA, English test scores, subject of interest, work experience, career goal, financial capabilities, etc. so that you can choose the right university that leads you to achieve your aspirations.

Required Documents Preparation: Resume and Essay Writing Support

MMCF assists you with preparing and customizing the required documents such as essays (Statement of Purpose), resume, etc. in order to maximize your chance of admission and to stand out among all other applicants. By providing comprehensive guidance on developing content, we ensure that your essay reflects your unique strength and personality. MMCF experienced consultants provide applicants with assistance to complete an impressive convincing essay that demonstrates a compelling picture of their academic potential and creates a positive impact on the admissions office application reviewers. We also assist you with writing your resume so that it reflects your knowledge, skills, and experience so that your talent stand out from the crowd. We customize your old resume or create a completely new one from scratch.

Test Registration Assistance

We assist you with scheduling and registering for the required standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT including filling application forms, providing the test centers with the universities codes to send the scores, etc.

Application Processing

Our dedicated experts assist students with the entire process of filling out and submitting their applications. Applying well in advance gives students enough time for some required arrangements such as visa, flight, accommodation, etc.

Follow-up & Admission Delivery

We follow up with schools after your application submission right away in order to secure your admissions. We want to make sure and double- check and confirm with the school that they received every aspect of the application including the submitted documents as well as official transcripts, test reports, etc. in order to prevent any delay and secure admissions in the shortest possible time.


Our service includes Guidance and support with receiving scholarship, Teaching Assistantship, Research assistantship, and other available scholarships.

Visa Process Assistance

Our experienced counselors can provide you with the guidance and support through the process of preparing, completing, and submitting your visa application. In order to ensure your visa is approved, right documents should be submitted so that they prove your academic eligibility, financial stability, and roots back to your home country. After reviewing the documents, we provide you with comprehensive advice that you need. We schedule your embassy appointment, book your interview, and submit your visa required documents.

Booking flight Assistance

We can assist you with booking your flight to travel to your destination country ensuring you receive the best service and value for your travel needs.


Post-Arrival Assistance

Settling down in a foreign country can be daunting if you do not receive accurate information and proper guidance. To smoothen your integration into your destination country, we get you familiarized with the institution and the country and provide you with necessary guidelines and services that you need after you arrive. Our relationship with you does not end after your departure.

Airport Pickup

MM Consulting Firm provides Airport Pickup service for international students for the first time they arrive their destination country. Please send us an email to book your Pickup 72 hours before your flight arriving in the US/Canada.


MMCF assists students with arranging their accommodations and provides them with guidance about where to stay after the students have landed in their desired destination. We provide them with both on and off campus accommodations assistance.

Opening bank accounts

We can guide students on different bank options available that can give them the best services.

Telecom Services

Our experienced team at MMCF offers you affordable solutions, SIM cards, so that you can instantly get connected with your family abroad.

Employment /Career Counseling

Our recruitment experts can offer you a variety of opportunities and solutions for post completion of your education program including work-permit regulations and immigration.

Other Post Arrival Services such as:

Driver’s License, Transportation Guidance and assistance, etc.

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