American Schools

American schools

Due to the strong educational system as well as the high level of education in the American educational system, many students intend to study in American schools. Pupils and students choose the United States of America in order to achieve the highest and most up-to-date education possible.

Undoubtedly, the education system of schools and high schools in the United States and its states has been introduced all over the world. Currently, the number of parents who want to send their children to America and its schools through education is increasing. International students, with the help of their parents, are allowed to enroll in American elementary schools, in other words, American schools, and enjoy numerous study options among other students.

American schools welcome international students and offer quality programs. Studying in American schools and high schools is an issue that, when analyzed, will help you make better understanding about how to choose best American schools and high schools.Part of the content of the American School and High School Study article is to answer the question of why choosing a school destination in the United States of America has become so popular in today’s world.

Now, if you want to enroll in American schools and high schools to experience a different culture and be in a completely different environment, we recommend that you consult with Mehraein Institute counselors about studying in American schools and high schools before proceeding. And get specialized and free information from us.

Benefits of studying in American schools

Certainly, studying in American schools can be one of the best choices for students, because the quality of the educational system in this country is well-known in all levels of education, and the future of education and work of any ordinary person will have a positive impact.

American schools

The variety of educational opportunities in different parts of the country gives students the opportunity to choose the right school with ease and study in their favorite space. Up-to-date technology, convenient research opportunities for students and flexibility in schools are other benefits of studying in this country.

There are offices called International Student Support Centers to adapt them to the culture and academic environment, which aims to help students and provide various services in this regard.Students use their international experience to find work by attending and attending American schools, as many employers are looking for American university graduates, so multilingual skills and the ability to communicate. With different people in different languages is one of the priorities for choosing people for employers.

American School Education System

The control and administration of schools in the United States is very different from schools in other parts of the world. While the US government sets national budgets and standards for schools, the authority of public schools in the US is primarily based on state education policy.

Because most policies are set at the state and local levels, school curricula can vary from government to government and even between education districts in a state; Therefore, the best reference for information on the administration and educational conditions of each school will be the local school or the board of directors of each school.

American schools

The United States has a strong educational system that allows international students to make rich and valuable choices about continuing their education. The variety of schools, programs, and locations in the United States may influence student choices. Before enrolling and studying in American schools, it is very important to know its educational system.

American School Education Levels

Studying in American schools takes 12 years before entering university, and students study at 12 levels. Education in these schools is divided into three levels: elementary, middle and high school. American schools rank 14th in the world in education.Primary and secondary education in the United States includes a 12-year course.

Students who intend to study in American schools should know that education in this country starts at the age of 6 and is compulsory until the age of 16. At the age of 6, children in the United States start primary school and study for 5 to 6 years. . Then they go to high school.

After graduating from high school, they are awarded a degree, meaning that US students can enter college or university after graduating from high school. It is important to know that international students who are eager to study in American schools can apply for admission to American schools from the age of 6 to 18.

Study in American primary school

Students can apply for elementary school in the United States from the age of six. Students go through 6 years of schooling to complete elementary school in the United States. In general, the curriculum in elementary school in the United States is as follows:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • English language

Requirements for studying in American primary school

American schools have special conditions for admission to international students that student must be aware of before taking any action. In general, the choice of private and public schools for international students does not make much difference, and students can apply for admission to primary school according to their conditions.

Typically, admission requirements for American elementary school include the following:

  • Previous educational record
  • Fluency in English
  • Identity documents such as identity card and passport

It should be noted that registration periods in the United States are limited, so apply for admission in the United States as soon as possible.

Study in American High school

Of course, in order to study in high school in the United States, students must provide special conditions. Students will be allowed to enter high school after completing a 6-year elementary school course. This means that international students studying in the United States can continue their high school education after completing this course.

Education in elementary and high school in the United States occurs consecutively.Courses taught in American high schools include: Economics, Geography, History, Social Sciences, Literature, Humanities, Statistics and Mathematics, English, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Conversational Languages. In addition to the curriculum, enrolled students are required to attend health courses.

Health courses mean attending classes that teach all physical education, nutrition, and first aid students. In addition to the above, some of the best American schools also teach foreign language, arts, and physical education to students studying on the school grounds.

Requirements for studying in American high schools

Students who have studied abroad in the United States must provide the following credentials for admission to US high schools:

  1. Evidence of English language proficiency
  2. The end of primary school
  3. Record of the last 3 years
  4. Identity documents such as passport and identity card

Students who intend to study in American high schools know that in order to enter American high schools and succeed, they must have a basic knowledge of English. Students who do not have sufficient proficiency in this field can participate in pre-school language courses.

Students strive to complete a high school diploma (required by each state), and to enter college based on criteria such as grade point average, class rank, difficulty of elective units (progress, honors earned), and admission to the test. Inputs are evaluated and carefully monitored.

American schools

Students generally and always during the semester through a combination of midterm exams / final exams, articles, class exams, homework, classroom participation, teamwork, projects and assessment attendance and this assessment with a final “score” in The end of the semester is given to the student. Grades are given in letters (A +, A, B +, B, etc.) or as a percentage. The average of these grades is calculated as the student’s overall grade point average.

In general, the transcripts of the grades obtained in each course are sent to the student’s parents at the end of the semester, semester and academic year. Also, the student’s performance in all cases is recorded in an official document to be studied and examined by the university in the university admission evaluations.

Different Types of American schools

To study in American schools, it is better to know all private and boarding schools, public schools so that you can choose the best and most suitable school according to your circumstances. There are now many public, private, and gifted schools in the United States that cater to gifted students. As you know, there are many different schools in every US state.

American public schools

Public schools provide free education to students living in their local area, funded by local taxes and state and federal government funding; About 85-90% of students in the United States attend public schools.Often, public school students go to schools that are designated within their area of ​​residence, except for some special schools, such as international schools, which have special conditions for attracting different students.

According to this system, families often look at the schools in that area as one of the defining characteristics when choosing a new area to live in.Although public schools are open to students at all levels of education, students may be divided into classes based on levels such as advanced level, honors, technical and vocational classes, etc., to make it easier after graduation.

Achieve group goals that are to earn a bachelor’s degree, attend a college, or workforce.Domestic students in public schools do not pay for tuition. Tuition fees for international students typically range from $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 per year, which families are required to pay.

Requirements for studying in American public schools

It is possible for foreign students in the United States to attend ninth- to twelfth-grade public schools in the United States. A public high school (ninth through twelfth grade) is eligible for the Student Exchange and Visitor Exchange Program (SEVP) certification.

Students on US F-1 or M-1 student visas up to eighth grade may not attend public schools because those schools will not be able to obtain SEVP certification for undergraduate students under ninth grade.Some of the other conditions for studying in US public schools for international students are:

Attendance at high school is limited to twelve months.

  • High school students with F-1 visas are required to pay all tuition fees to the school by reimbursing full per capita tuition, no subsidies, and per capita tuition.
  • Students with F-1 visas are barred from attending public elementary schools or state-funded adult education programs.

American Private Schools

 Attendance at private schools is subject to a fee. One of the advantages of these schools is the smaller student population than public schools. They are often run by a private board and often do not fully match the state curricula set in the public-school curriculum.

About 10 percent of students in the United States go to private schools.While there is always conflict between students, American private schools strive to resolve conflict in the early stages and teach students to respect each other and their teachers. Also, students wear the same uniform to be on the same level. This will lead to fewer conflicts, less peer pressure, and less destructive environmental influences around your child.

Due to the smaller class size and more individual attention, private schools can offer better conditions when planning for college. Research shows that private school students score about 60 to 70 points above the average on the SAT test, and private school children are much more likely to go to top American colleges and universities than their public peers.Tuition fees at private schools are the same for international and domestic students. Tuition fees for international students typically range from $ 20,000 to $ 40,000.

American Boarding Schools

Boarding schools or international schools are private international American residential schools. This means that students live in school during the school year. These schools are somewhat similar to colleges in that students live in dormitories or dormitories, but these schools primarily serve high school students.

The main goal of a boarding school is to provide a knowledge-based community in which students can focus on their education, mature and reach their full potential.Students attending this type of American international school must complete a curriculum that meets the requirements for college admission.

These schools offer high-level courses such as Advanced Classes (AP) and dual enrollment classes so that students can acquire the knowledge, work ethic, and study habits required for college.Almost all international students learn to speak, read and write English at a high or native level, often within three years. International students graduating from an American school usually perform exceptionally well in college because they have already overcome the language barrier and mastered writing.

Students attending American International Schools will receive an American Student Visa (F-1) to attend school. Once they graduate, the school prepares the I-20 Form Transfer Documents, so they will have a slight delay in starting their college studies in the United States.In fact, some US schools charge higher fees than universities and colleges. But there are some American schools that offer more affordable tuition. Statistics show that the tuition of such schools varies between $ 9,000 to $ 72,000.

Students who intend to attend boarding schools must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Students must be between 14 and 19 years old.
  • Boarding schools take a test called the SLEP test before admitting students. Students who have obtained grades between 44-55 can study in these schools. Of course, the passing score in different schools is different. It should be noted that some of these schools offer preparatory classes for students to take the above exam.
  • Upon registration, students must also complete their application form and physical fitness form and submit it to the school.
  • Students must also provide the school with transcripts of their previous courses.
  • Provide motivation for students to attend boarding schools must be in writing.
  • These schools attach great importance to attracting students who are interested in music and sports.

Top American schools

If you are planning to study in US public schools, you should know that getting admission from these schools is very difficult and people can enter these schools who have a US residence; But to enter and get admission from private schools and gifted schools in America, it is enough to have a high-grade point average and a good language level.

In this case, you can get admission from the best private schools in the United States. In this part of the article, we have listed ten examples of America’s top schools with important details, and we have described the top three schools in more detail.

Storm King School

Storm King School is a great place for students to pursue their aspirations and build their future. The boys and girls of this school learn to set their own goals and desires and to plan and achieve the necessary skills to achieve them. Storm King School has a dynamic and active environment and has provided many opportunities for students to develop their talents.

It should be noted that the school curricula are completely flexible and are designed according to the needs of each student.The school officials are well aware of the challenges of life in the 21st century and are preparing their students for life in the new age. Education at this school is not limited to the classroom, and students can strengthen their talents and self-confidence by participating in various activities.

Storm King teachers transform the school’s boys and girls into thoughtful, pragmatic, and community-oriented individuals.The students of this school live in dormitories with full amenities. They are segregated by age and gender and housed in separate floors or buildings. Each dormitory is managed and supported by a supervisor and his / her deputy. The dormitories of this complex have equipped rooms, living rooms and a game room.Storm King School caters to all three main student meals and snacks.

The school’s menu is very varied and its students always enjoy a variety of salads, vegetables and desserts in addition to their main meal. The chefs of this school use fresh and quality raw materials in cooking their food and to prepare them, they consider special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free (gluten-free), low-fat, etc.School expenses include school and living expenses, which include dormitory or accommodation expenses, three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), a safe, and a registration fee.

Windermere School

The Windermere School offers a variety of programs in the fields of music, performance, art and sports, and this provides the background for the emergence and flourishing of the talents of each student. The girls and boys of this school achieve great academic success and enter the top universities in the United States and the world.

They also have a high level of personality and self-confidence, which leads to their successful presence in society and the workplace. One of the unique programs that Windermere School has in mind for its students is a partnership with MIT and The Juilliard School of the Arts, which dramatically increases students’ ability to excel in related fields.This school pays attention to the individual differences of the students and, by considering different activities, provides the ground for the emergence of talents of each of them.

Education in Windermere is not limited to the classroom and there are various activities for students that participate in these activities, their development and success.The school dormitories are located a few minutes from the main building and each of them is run by a supervisor. Windermere students are segregated by gender and age and are housed in separate dormitories. Each of these dormitories has a living room, a games room and other amenities.

The school provides all three main meals to its students. These foods are made from nutrients that are necessary for the growth of children and adolescents and are provided to them. The school menu’s menu is also very diverse and covers different tastes of students.School expenses include school and living expenses, which include dormitory or accommodation expenses, three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), a safe, and a registration fee.

Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy welcomes students from all over the world and strives to provide them with a comprehensive and complete education. The staff of this school use every opportunity to encourage their sons and daughters to participate in various activities such as art and sports; These topics are an important part of the curriculum and are just as important as academic courses.

Students will be able to discover and nurture their talents while participating in these activities, and this can help boost their self-confidence.Thanks to the strong teaching system and staff of this school, most of the students succeed in achieving brilliant results in the final exams. This school seeks to train successful and effective people in the society by offering a standard and modern curriculum.

Students are happy to be in the warm and friendly environment of this school and are eager to learn and strengthen their skills.The school has 7 dormitories, 4 of which are for male students and the other 3 are for female students. These dormitories have a warm and friendly environment and each of them is managed by a supervisor and his deputy.The chefs of this school prepare the students’ food using fresh and quality raw materials.

The school’s menu is varied and cater to different food tastes. The students of this school will enjoy all three meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner.School expenses include school and living expenses, which include dormitory or accommodation expenses, three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), a safe, and a registration fee.




Number of Students


Storm King

Hudson, New York

Independent school, Boarding



$ 69,500


Windermere, Florida



$ 69,775

Wasatch Academy

Mount Pleasant, Utah

Independent school, Boarding


$ 67,400

PineView School

Osprey, Fl



$19,000 –

$ 30,000

Mt. Everest Academy

San Diego



approximately $11,152

The Davidson Academy

Reno, Nv



approximately $13,000

Phillips Academy Andover

Andover, Ma

Private, Boarding



The Hotchkiss School

Lakeville, Ct

Private, Boarding



Choate Rosemary Hall

Wallingford, Ct

Private, Boarding



Groton School

Groton, Ma




Table 1. Top 10 American Schools

Requirements for studying in American schools

The state’s education laws vary from state to state, and education in the United States is the responsibility of state and local governments. Each state also has its own education department and laws related to finance, school staff recruitment, student attendance, and related curricula.

Many students seek to know about American school curricula before applying to study in American schools. In this regard, it should be said that the curriculum will be different depending on the period in which you are studying.The point for many students is that they do not need to have international English language qualifications such as IELTS and TOEFL, and their English language proficiency is sufficient to enter colleges.

Students participate in an interview and test their language skills, and according to that, they enter 6 to 9 months courses, and then they will enter the main courses.Foreign students typically do not need very high grades to enter American schools, and an average level of education is sufficient for them. Of course, you should keep in mind that a grade point average above 3.0 will be better for admission, but this does not mean that people with a grade point average below 3.0 will not be admitted to schools.


American School Admissions Process

Everyone under the age of 18 is allowed to study in a US school and receive a student visa, and there are steps they must take to do so.Students will only be able to reside in the United States with a student visa, which they must first accept from school and apply for a student visa upon submission to the embassy. Tourist visas will not result in a student stay.

The documents required to obtain a US student visa are listed below

  • Identity documents of the person
  • Submitting a letter of acceptance from the school in question
  • Translation of transcripts of the student’s previous years
  • Scientific letter of recommendation from student teachers
  • Pay school fees
  • Providing financial support from parents in the amount of one year of study and living expenses
  • Provide student residence status

For better consultation, you can contact the experts of Mehraein Immigration Institute

Scholarships in American schools

Many people who plan to study in American schools are considering receiving a scholarship to study in American high school. Many scholarships are offered to international students as private high schools in the United States embrace and embrace cultural diversity.

International students can bring a lot of customs, culture and beliefs, as well as other benefits to this country, and for this reason, we try to support them by awarding scholarships. It is interesting to note that in many cases, international students also receive higher funding from American students. It is important to note that US high school scholarships are awarded to students by schools. Definitely, in order to receive a scholarship, a student must meet the conditions, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Students must be between 13 and 18 years old to receive a scholarship.
  • Students must have a high B + score in the last 3 years.
  • Students must be fluent in English and pass the test well.
  • Students must adapt to American culture and customs.
  • Students must be admitted to private and boarding schools.

The following are the types of US high school scholarships:

  • Leukemia Scholarship 2016
  • Olshan Foundation Scholarship
  • Survivor Cancer Survivor Scholarship
  • Baer Reintegration Scholarship 2020-21
  • Lulus Scholarship Fall / Winter 2019-2020 Scholarship
  • Brigham University Scholarships and Grants
  • Edmonds Community College Scholarship


After Graduation from American schools

Students use their international experience to find work by attending American schools and entering college, as many employers are looking for American university graduates, so multilingual skills and the ability to communicate. With different people in different languages ​​is one of the priorities for choosing people for employers.

Although studying in the United States is not a direct way to obtain permanent residency and a U.S. passport, it is fortunately possible to work in those states after graduation and permanent residency. This requires that students be able to find a suitable job and obtain a work visa after completing their studies in the United States. Generally, this work visa is valid for 3 years. If you have a work visa and 6 years of temporary residence in the United States, it is possible for people to qualify for a Green Card.

Get advice on getting admission

Higher education systems in the United States are now highly regarded by international students. A large number of high-ranking schools, high schools and universities have been established in the United States, and this is increasing the number of immigrants each year.

We recommend enrolling in American schools and high schools to experience the excitement and ideal educational challenges. By enrolling in schools and high schools in the United States, you will definitely meet people who grew up in an American culture and whose mother tongue is different from yours.In addition to student admission, a US student visa is required to enter the country.

It is interesting to know that it is also possible to receive scholarships from American schools; But getting a scholarship is usually very difficult and students have to meet the conditions to get a scholarship to be able to apply for it.Now, if you are thinking of being in a great environment for studying, our great suggestion to you is to contact the experts of Mehraein Institute by phone, without delay and a few months before the start of American school classes, and all the information about Get the need for free.

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